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Success Stories

image description Andrea Bonfante came to a her first Pilates class as a slight, less than buff intellectual. She was so thrilled to experience a feeling of physical strength and confidence that she decided to enroll in the Teacher Training Program. Andrea graduated in  2010 and has been working steadily since. She is a Teaching Assistant for Pilates Education Lab and a greatly loved teacher at Sanchez Street Studios. 

Suhi Chin

Suhl Chin hobbled with injuries after decades of running, Suhl started Pilates in 2002 and was amazed at her increased flexibility, strength and alignment after just a few sessions.  She continues to run injury-free, and most recently ran the 2011 SF marathon.

Suhl has since completed Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher’s teacher training program.  She believes that body awareness is the key to making changes, and strives to bring the “aha” moment to her clients. Suhl enjoys working with both athletes and less active adults rediscovering their body awareness.

Beth Clarke Beth Clarke took her first Pilates class in 1999. Immediately intrigued by its complexity, and inspired by the results, she became an avid student until she started teaching in 2006. Also a professional circus performer, Pilates is the perfect compliment to Beth's circus work. It has kept her balanced on a rope in front of audiences around the world. She received a diploma from The Pilates Education Lab at Sanchez Street Studios in 2006, from The Pilates Center of Boulder in 2012, and has studied with Jennifer Stacey of Peak Performance Pilates where she has worked since 2006.  She is amazed and inspired each day by the positive effects of Pilates both on herself and her clients.

Bonnie Machuca Bonnie Machuca first dabbled in Pilates for two years, and then decided to become a certified teacher. Once joining Carol and Sharon's program in 2006, nothing prepared her for the complexity, depth, and expansiveness of the Pilates repertoire, which Carol and Sharon imparted so gracefully. With their expertise and knowledge, this dynamic duo taught her everything she needed to feel confident as a Pilates teacher. Soon after graduating their program, she started gaining popularity amongst her classes and private sessions. After moving to the East Bay in 2008, Bonnie enjoyed mentoring students in training as head senior trainer and rehabilitation specialist at Ellie Herman Studios Oakland, and after three successful years of teaching at Ellie's studio she purchased the studio from her! She is now a happy owner of her very own successful Pilates Studio, PrecisionPoint Pilates. Bonnie couldn't have found the confidence to do this without Carol and Sharon's mentorship.