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Mentors & Teaching Assistants

We are very excited to build our community of Pilates Instructors that have been the shining stars of Pilates Education Lab (formerly Sanchez Street Studios Teacher Training Program). Our Mentorship Program will help incorporate the varied areas of expertise that our graduates possess and will allow our new trainees to seek guidance and specific knowledge from those who have been through our training program.

These are Graduates of Pilates Education Lab with a minimum 5 years of teaching experience. Mentors are available to answer questions and to give general support and advice to new trainees. Each trainee will pick one of our Teacher Trainer Mentors to learn from and to complete some of the required observation, observed teaching and observed self practice hours. They will also be offering classes geared toward Trainees to be able to practice the repertoire. This should be a rewarding learning experience for both parties.

Beth Clarke

Beth Clarke
Beth took her first Pilates class in 1999. Immediately intrigued by its complexity, and inspired by the results, she became an avid student until she started teaching in 2006. Also a professional circus performer, Pilates is the perfect compliment to Beth's circus work. It has kept her balanced on a rope in front of audiences around the world. She received a diploma from The Pilates Education Lab at Sanchez Street Studios in 2006, from The Pilates Center of Boulder in 2012, and has studied with Jennifer Stacey of Peak Performance Pilates where she has worked since 2006.  She is amazed and inspired each day by the positive effects of Pilates both on herself and her clients.

Iddy Richardson Iddy Richardson

Born to move, Iddy began her life happily bouncing in a springy chair and energetically dancing off the couches of her parents’ living room. Many years later, she discovered the wonders of Pilates while studying dance at Saint Mary’s college. Continuing her Pilates training, Iddy studied Pilates Mat with Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) and Pilates Equipment Training with Tom McCook through Physical Mind Institute. She has also graduated from the comprehensive training at Pilates Education Lab, is certified in Level 1 Gyrotonic, and Level 1 Franklin Method and combines her many interests with teaching Dance for the Rhythm & Motion dance program, and GIT Fit at The Corner Studio.

Iddy continues to grow her library of expertise with continued studies in Pilates, human anatomy, massage, Alexander Technique, The Franklin Method, yoga, Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, dance, TRX, trampoline, swimming, surfing, functional movement patterns, tabata, muscle confusion, and total body fitness. She has an extensive background teaching children swimming, dance and physical education, and shares her pure joy of movement with her clients while also supporting whole body wellness and boosting self confidence. Known for her warm, passionately intense personality, Iddy combines athleticism and fluidity, to form an integrated approach to teaching that promotes freedom and precision of movement. Her classes have been described as “challenging and delightful”.

Matt White Matthew White

Matt came to Pilates from the circus. A circus performer and teacher for the past 10 years, Matt was drawn to Pilates to learn how to refine his strengths and reshape his weaknesses into a deeper, flowing and nuanced body.

In 2008, while taking a break from being on the road, Matt began work at Red Hawk Physical Therapy as an aide. As he learned the basics of anatomy and trained patients in fundamental movement, the fires of curiosity were ignited and he was soon hungry for more…which lead him to Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher’s Pilates Teacher Training program.

Completing the program in 2008, Matt firmly believes that Pilates can open the door of possibility for all people. He likes to teach with humor, a strong work ethic, a passion for understanding, and the tiniest splash of showmanship.

refers to Graduates of Pilates Education Lab with a minimum 3 years of teaching experience. They provide guidance and feedback during workshops or classes led by Mentors or Teacher Trainers. They also teach classes geared toward Trainees and provide opportunities for observation and lessons toward students’ required hours.

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Andrea Bonfante
Andrea Bonfante came to a her first Pilates class as a slight, less than buff intellectual. She was so thrilled to experience a feeling of physical strength and confidence that she decided to enroll in the Teacher Training Program. Andrea graduated in  2010 and has been working steadily since. She is a Teaching Assistant for Pilates Education Lab and a greatly loved teacher at Sanchez Street Studios. 

Suhi Chin Suhl Chin

Hobbled with injuries after decades of running, Suhl started Pilates in 2002 and was amazed at her increased flexibility, strength and alignment after just a few sessions.  She continues to run injury-free, and most recently ran the 2011 SF marathon.

Suhl has since completed Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher’s teacher training program.  She believes that body awareness is the key to making changes, and strives to bring the “aha” moment to her clients. Suhl enjoys working with both athletes and less active adults rediscovering their body awareness.