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Carol's Bio

Carol LeMaitre was first introduced to Pilates the usual way, as a dancer with a back injury. She made her way to St. Francis Hospital’s Dance Medicine Department, the very first hospital in the world to offer Pilates as part of a rehab program. Carol was so impressed with Pilates’ ability to heal her body that she was inspired to become a teacher, beginning her studies with Master Teachers Michelle Larsson and Jennifer Stacey. She finished her formal training with Ellie Herman in 1999.

In 2000, Carol opened Sanchez Street Studios as a one-woman operation while living upstairs with her husband and two sons. From its humble beginning, Sanchez Street Studios has grown to encompass the entire building, with six trainers offering classes and private sessions, seven days a week.

Feeling that she needed more training to work with the various clients that were coming in the door, Carol studied The Janda Method of Neuro-muscular Re- education. She has also been greatly inspired by her studies with Eric Franklin, Kathleen Stanford Grant, Cara Reeser, Mary Bowen, Irene Dowd and the entire crew at The Pilates Center of Boulder. Today Carol is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, received her Masters from the Pilates Center of Boulder and is an Advanced MELT Instructor. Her audio workout CDs, available on iTunes, have been featured in Pilates Style magazine.

In 2005, Carol approached Sharon Gallagher and proposed the idea of designing a teacher training program that would teach the Classical Repertoire and that would include the fusion of many methods to teach the fundamental skills needed to foster dramatic change. Together they have taught and mentored a talented group of students that have completed the program and gone on to become amazing teachers.